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Santa Monica

Santa Monica

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Producer – Jairo Arcila

Location – Armenia, Quindio

Farm – Santa Monica

Variety – Caturra

Altitude – 1450-1500 MASL

Process – Washed

Tasting Notes – Lemon/lime, Stonefruits, White Chocolate

Roasted For – Filter


Produced by Jairo Arcila, this coffee is harvested with strict criteria regarding ripeness of the cherries. They are floated and hand sorted to remove any defect cherries - this is an effective way to find any defects as they float while the good cherries sink.

Once sorted, the cherries are then fermented underwater for 30 hours, pulped, then gently washed and dried in temperature controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content is reached.

This microlot is 100% Caturra; this variety is originally from Minas Gerais in Brazil, and is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon. The plants are grown in volcanic ash soil at 1450-1500 MASL in temperatures between 18-28c.

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