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Beyond Blend

Beyond Blend

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Origin: Colombia, Tanzania

Process: Washed

Notes: Dark Berries, Caramel, Mandarin


When we think of the word “Beyond” we think about the possibility of something that is greater than the current. 

For us, it represents the countless flavours that origins have to offer which are yet to be revealed to us.

Currently served as our black espresso offering, Beyond was created not by choice but with what was available at the time. With the combination of global climate change and global pandemic, coffee producing origins have been presented with numerous difficulties in production and shipping. These difficulties have had a direct roll on effect to us as coffee roasters which has resulted in what we now call Beyond.

Sticking to our belief in seasonality we have modelled the Beyond similar to the Embassy blend. After few different attempts and combinations, we believe we have found the current sweet spot. A compelling mix of two washed processed coffees from Tanzania and Colombia delivers a very juicy number indeed.  

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